Meet our Counselors

Biblical Clinical counselors are competent to counsel Christians who are encountering issues with, but not limited to:

Anger, Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Depression, Family Conflict, Childhood, and Adult Trauma, Domestic Violence, Adultery, Pornography, Communication Skills, Eating Disorders, Family Dynamics, Divorce, Lower Income Realities, Single Parent Struggles.

They have experience in premarital and marital counseling, narcissism, codependency, and other personality disorders that affect self-perception and relationships but are able to approach these issues from a Biblical Counseling lens.



Ariel Gonzalez Bovat is a Certified Trauma Professional and has met the education and training requirements for Clinical Trauma I & Clinical Trauma II.  She has experience in PTSD, Complex Trauma, as well as Childhood Sexual Abuse,  Adults with Childhood Sexual Abuse,  Adults with Childhood Abuse and Trauma, and Sexual Violence (rape). She is an Army Veteran who understands the complexities of PTSD in military veterans and their families, as well as law enforcement. She has led and facilitated groups on domestic violence, how to understand personal cognition patterns, as well as sexual abuse support group.